Affidavit of Dr. Sol Adoni

My religious name is Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni and I am known as Dr. Sol Adoni. My birth name was John Patrick Ennis. I changed my name on January 1st 1995 due to my religious beliefs.

On April 20th 1995 I had the following encounter with small grey humanoid figures that many refer to as Grey Aliens.

When I went to sleep in a Pennsylvania Motel along the PA Turnpike I had the following experience.

I awoke from my sleep and saw several small grey humanoid figures in my motel room, they were what are known as ‘grey aliens’ to many around the world.

I could not move and had the feeling I was paralyzed from making any movements.

I had the experience of the greys performing a simple medical procedure on one of my eyes.

When I awoke the next day and for several years after that experience I had a minor popping of a white light in one of my eyes. This eye popping small white light would be active when I was in a book store, reading or watching news on television as well as when reading items on the Internet.

This white light guided me to read obscure information often or to focus on something that was on television or around me.

It is my belief that this small white light was used to communicate to me by most likely the greys in my research that let me reveal many academic papers intended to help humanity in math and science.

March 4th 2015

Dr. Sol Adoni

aka John Ennis

aka Sollog

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